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RNF requires a Senior Developer

March 3, 2013
Work with a high growth, well-funded international development firm on cutting-edge SaaS, mobile and cloud-based security, e-commerce and multimedia technologies. The candidate is a developer with experience with design, development, testing, deployment, support and maintenance of mobile apps, including Windows 8, iOS and/or Android. Attention to user-experience,... read more

RNF Digital Innovation is born

February 12, 2013
Following a highly successful 2012 and in light of RNF having secured investment, the management team concluded that “RNF  Solutions” as a brand needed to be more reflective of our breadth of services and vision. Hence as of 19th February 2013, RNF Solutions became RNF... read more

RNF Secures Investment

February 12, 2013
RNF has announced the completion of a new investment deal which will enable the business to implement a significant strategy for growth.  Our mission is to support business through enhanced productivity,communication and effectiveness through the use of mobile technology. ... read more

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