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App usage continues to rocket

Our latest quarterly stats are out, and we’ve seen a massive 24% increase in total app transaction value compared to Q1 of this year. Total orders are also up 13% and average basket value up 11% to £1,142. App downloads have gone down but this is compared to a phenomenal Q1 where we saw Bestway launch their new app. And in spite of this quarterly decline, downloads are still up an incredible 55% on the same quarter last year.

Monthly active users are up by 4% and we now have nearly 11,000 businesses using our apps on a monthly basis. Android sales increased by 17% with iOS up by 27%. Monday mornings continue to be the most popular ordering time, although in May this shifted to Wednesday, perhaps in response to the Bank Holidays.

In addition to the increase in downloads from 2018 there are other dramatic increases when comparing the same quarter last year. Total number of orders up 36%, total number of monthly active users up 27% and total app transaction value is up 23%.

These stats are a just a taster of the kinds of insights we have into the wholesale sector. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer then get in touch here.