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App usage surging

Our latest quarterly stats show that app usage is surging as wholesale customers flock to download RNF’s apps. Downloads increased by 135% over the previous quarter with there being an inexorable shift from desktop to mobile device engagement in the sector.

Alongside the massive increase in downloads, total number of orders were also up 17% and total app transaction value up 2% all versus previous quarter. Monday mornings continue to be the most popular ordering time suggesting retailers are replenishing their stocks following the weekend.

Android sales increased by 33% with iOS actually dropping by 6% however looking at total sales Apple still dominate overall at 71%.

Significantly when we look at the same quarter in 2018 there are some dramatic increases. Total app downloads up 194%, total number of orders up 52%, total number of monthly active users up 30% and total app transaction value is also up 30%.

These stats are a just a taster of the kinds of insights we have into the wholesale sector. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer then get in touch here.