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Event Management

Around 300 delegates from an array of global food and drink brands sampled the latest iBeacon technology at Bestway cash and carry’s inaugural supplier event. Those attending the event at Ascot racecourse, were all first past the post winners as they enjoyed a taster iBeacon experience to showcase the technology ahead of it being installed in Bestway’s flagship London store.

Senior executives from brands including Coca Cola, Red Bull, Nestle, Unilever and Walkers were given the opportunity to download a special event version of the Bestway purchasing app which was made available as a free download designed to interact with the strategically placed iBeacon devices placed around Ascot racecourse.

During the event, delegates were given a “welcome to and goodbye from” event experience, kept informed of product offers available at the mocked up Bestway convenience store and provided with an array of information about the day’s agenda, schedule and activities. 

Jamil Mohammed, Bestway Group’s E-Commerce Manager, said: “We are very excited to have staged our inaugural supplier event at Ascot racecourse and to use it to showcase the iBeacon technology that we plan to roll out across our Bestway stores.

“The special events version of the app gave delegates an opportunity to sample at first-hand how we are revolutionising the retail experience with the iBeacon technology. 

“This technology represents an important step forward for the Bestway Group in enhancing our customer experience and those attending the Ascot event were able to see the array of opportunities this technology offers.”

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, said: “The special event version of the app and deployment of iBeacons into Ascot racecourse enabled us to showcase to a key audience the incredible retail opportunities offered by iBeacon technology.

“The feedback on the day was very positive and those attending were impressed by the app’s functionality, its features and its ability to keep the user informed of product updates, offers and special activities.

“It definitely had a wow factor about it and we look forward to creating a similar impression with Bestway customers when the i-beacons are installed into Bestway’s stores.”