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Bestway and RNF develop next generation app experience


Bestway Group are looking to cement their position as leaders in digital comms in the wholesale category by engaging RNF to develop a number of new apps for the group, as well as investing in the second-generation release of BEAM.

BEAM is RNF Digital Innovation’s mobile engagement platform that enables Bestway to communicate with their app users not only when away from the depot, but also on-site, through geo-fences and beacons installed throughout the Bestway estate.

BEAM 2 enables an intelligence-led approach to sending out comms, allowing Bestway to target messages based on historic customer behaviour. And those messages are now much richer in terms of content. It also now pulls in live sales data allowing Bestway to track effectiveness of individual campaigns. A number of suppliers are interested in partnering in campaign trials with one such trial already live.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said “Based on the success of the original wholesale ordering app, we’ve been asked to help Bestway Group continue to lead the sector in terms of digital innovation. The trials we’re undertaking allow us to showcase the power of BEAM to a wider audience and gives Bestway the tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of brands partnering with them for promotional activity.”

Salih Sheikh, Bestway Wholesale Head of Marketing, said “We’re really excited about taking our mobile offering to the next level with an enhanced wholesale ordering app and sector specific offerings for the group. RNF have proven time and time again that they are the right partner and the supplier trials we’re running through BEAM 2 are further examples of how they can offer much more than a standard app supplier.”

For more information about BEAM and how it can enhance your customer engagement and loyalty please contact us.