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Blakemore sign up to Beam for their Wholesale Distribution and Trade Partners apps

A.F. Blakemore and Son, one of the UK’s largest wholesale businesses has signed up to RNF’s Beam platform. The licence which is for both their Wholesale Distribution and Trade Partners divisions will enable Blakemore to communicate with app users via rich push notifications (images, videos etc.) that can be targeted to users based on their individual in-app behaviour. Moreover, it offers a tailored in-app experience that reflects the buying habits and preferences of individual customers, ensuring customer communications are relevant and timely, driving increased sales versus other sales channels. Moving forwards, machine learning and AI modules will be released to further the effectiveness of comms.

The other important part of Beam is its content management system which empowers Blakemore to configure ads such as banners and interstitials within the app. These ads can be tailored to specific customer groups and offer Blakemore a valuable new revenue stream as suppliers are lining up to take advantage of this exciting new marketing channel.

Rob Mannion, Managing Director at RNF said: “Beam is an incredibly powerful sales tool as proven by many of our wholesale customers. Off the back of a digital strategy meeting I led for the group, Blakemore were keen to start taking advantage of all it can offer. If you engage with your app users in this way you will increase sales and deliver a much stronger ROI.”

For more information about how Beam could help drive up your customer engagement, loyalty and sales please get in touch.