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bunker buoy sign up to the major new release of RNF Digital’s customer engagement platform, BEAM

White yacht in the middle of the waterbunker buoy have signed up to using the major new release of RNF’s customer engagement platform BEAM to use with their yacht buoy app launched earlier this year.

The yacht buoy app is designed as a surveying platform for yacht enthusiasts and crew members to gain valuable insight into the industry for suppliers as well as being a tool with which to communicate important information.  Participants will be rewarded with prizes and benefits for completing surveys and can also track nautical miles just for fun.

The new release of BEAM will allow the team at bunker buoy to further enhance the communications they are pushing out through the app and more effectively track the effectiveness of any campaigns.

The platform now shows you, at any given moment in time, exactly how many app users are in a chosen location with push notifications activated.  This means you have an accurate read on campaign reach in any given location.  Off the back of this it will then show you how many of those people actually opened the push notification, and then how many of these people did what was asked of them.

Personalisation has also been enhanced, with the platform using previous data to segment audiences at a more granular level. Meaning bunker buoy will be able to select an audience segment based on historic behaviour to ensure improved completion rates.

However, the really interesting part about the new version of BEAM is the ability to send out ‘rich notifications’ i.e. push notifications that are more than just text.  Images and even videos can now be sent out meaning messages are much more engaging, and therefore effective.  Plus bunker buoy can turn the app into a revenue generating opportunity by selling advertising space to the likes of port services suppliers or recruitment agencies.

Rob Mannion, Managing Director RNF Digital Innovation said, “This major new release of our customer engagement platform BEAM is really exciting and companies such as bunker buoy are really seeing the benefits it can bring through enhanced personalisation, user-engagement and real-time analytics. ”