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Bunker Buoy – Fuel Quotation Service for Superyachts

The Bunker Buoy is another pioneering app in its industry. Initially it started its life as an app designed for the captains of superyachts enabling them to compare fuel quotations for their vessels. The app can facilitate quotations for delivery in over 5000 ports and ensures the process is quick and transparent. By entering the location, date, time and quantity of fuel required, the request is distributed to all pre-registered fuel suppliers in the region, who will then respond with the best priced fuel available.

The Bunker Buoy instant chat mode also allows the yacht’s captain to go through each detail of the enquiry with the individual fuel suppliers without leaving the Bunker Buoy app. The app also provides management reports and a record of all fuel purchases transacted during a superyacht’s trip.

Soon after the launch of the iPhone app RNF integrated Bunker Buoy service into the Y.CO yacht management software. Y.CO have a reputation for delivering innovation into their business and over 200 superyachts can now seamlessly access the Bunker Buoy fuel quotation service.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said: “We are expecting the Bunker Buoy app to create quite a buzz in the sector as it revolutionises the way fuel can be purchased for superyachts.

“Previously as a captain or manager you have always had to seek out at least three quotes for fuel but it would be done in a way that was not very efficient and not very transparent.

“What we have done with Bunker Buoy is take that model and make it more time-efficient so that captains and managers can demonstrate that they’re working in the interests of the owner at all times.”