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BXR London – The countdown has begun


BXR London a newly formed high-end London boxing gym came to RNF wanting a total digital solution ready for their launch just 5 months away. They wanted a top-end native app that not only looked fantastic but also worked perfectly to enable their members to engage with the gym in the best way possible and drive revenues. In addition they needed an equally impressive website to complement the mobile solution and to drive interest prior to launch.


At RNF we use the React Native framework, which enables us to deliver the best quality apps, that not only look amazing but work perfectly as well, in a fraction of the time it used to take. The framework also has the added benefit of allowing you to use code across multiple platforms – iOS, Android and even web.

We are developing an app that will act as a member’s entry card, allow them to book classes and appointments with trainers and therapists and even pay for food and drink whilst at the gym.  In addition it will sell BXR sportswear and provide valuable member analytics allowing BXR to manage its customer relationships more effectively.

To drive interest prior to full website launch we have set up a ‘countdown’ page with topline information.  The full website once launched, will showcase the BXR brand and act as an information portal for consumers.


BXR London is set to open its doors in January 2017.

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