Bridgestone Tyre Performance App

Bridgestone Tyre Performance App

Using innovation to stay ahead of the game


As market leader, Bridgestone Tyres use innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition. Having worked with RNF Digital Innovation on a number of mobile app projects, they came to us looking for a clever solution for their commercial tyres division. They wanted an app that could get customers thinking about cost as Pence Per Kilometre (PPK), as opposed to initial purchase price, to demonstrate how Bridgestone tyres were more economical over the long term.


RNF developed the Bridgestone “Challenge App” that enables Bridgestone Truck & Bus sales teams to accurately measure the Pence Per Kilometre (PPK) performance of their truck and bus tyres, as well as that of competitors.

The app enables users to do this by adding vehicles and applying tyre observations periodically. Over time the app will predict tyre performance and calculate the PPK and also tell you when tyres are likely to need changing.


The app has been deployed throughout Europe and South America and was sited for having helped secure a number of significant contracts through demonstrating the superiority of Bridgestone Tyres versus the competition.

It was shortlisted for a 2013 Motor Transport Awards under the “Best Innovation” category.