Bunker Buoy

Getting ahead of the competition using geofences


Planning a bunkering for a large yacht is often complicated. Location, fuel-specifications, quantities, time constraints and the logistics that have to be considered means the pre-planning process is essential. Yachts of this size work to strict operational budgets, need clear financial information and must comply with some of the highest safety standards and tax regulations. Bunker Buoy wanted to simplify this process, make it more efficient and increase transparency. In addition they saw an opportunity to work with Port Agents on more than just delivering fuel but they needed a clever solution to maximise on this.


RNF designed an app allowing the captains of superyachts to compare fuel quotations for their vessels. It is able to facilitate quotations for delivery in over 5000 ports and has been integrated into the Y.CO yacht management software, allowing over 200 superyachts to seamlessly access the service.

Geofences have also been set up around 25 luxury marinas worldwide so that when a superyacht enters the geofence a notification is sent to the crew with details of the local port agent and their various services. In addition, participating port agents are automatically notified that a potential customer is about to arrive.


25 port agents have signed up to the service.

8 campaigns planned through RNF’s Beam mobile engagement platform, which allows Bunker Buoy to communicate with its app users, for events around the world, culminating in the Monaco Yacht Show MYS 2016.

The app has been so well received that extra functionality has been added such as a nautical miles tracker for crew members.