Calor Gas

Calor Gas

Driving efficiencies and increasing sales


Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of LPG gas to both domestic and business customers. They had been using a laptop-based sales solution known as the Domestic Central Heating tool (DCH) for a number of years which was inefficient and making it hard for the sales team to convert leads.


RNF developed a sophisticated iPad solution that integrated with the existing DCH tool. It allowed a salesforce member to enter data immediately while engaging with a customer, creating a timely, paperless, efficient solution.

The app captured the customer signature electronically, meaning it was possible to convert leads immediately and then a copy of all paperwork was immediately sent by email, ensuring instant updates to the central system.


Some five-hundred new contracts have been signed using the FieldPro app since its introduction in 2016. The two- to fourfold increase in throughput results from a combination of: process simplification, ease of communication, reduced paperwork and error reduction.

End-to-end signup to fulfilment time has at least halved and for some order types is over four times faster.