Coens App


Saving £100,000 with an industry first


The world of construction subcontracting is a complicated, time intensive and costly business. Coens, a fast growing multi-million pound turnover construction company, were looking for a way to use technology to save costs and increase profitability.


RNF developed an industry first, truly mobile front & back office business application. It allowed Coen’s staff to quickly configure new projects and individual tasks associated to the build via a browser and monitor and approve, or not, progress of the work. Sub-contractors select the task they have completed and once work is approved by supervisors this automatically forms an invoice which is immediately processed meaning staff are paid more quickly.


Warwick University’s Business School analysed the impact of the solution to Coens business and concluded that it resulted in:
– £100,000 annual cost savings
– 250% increase in profitability
– 20% increase in envisaged revenues