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I’ve had to furlough staff to protect my business but am now struggling with keeping orders going. How can I keep orders flowing ASAP?

RNF are prioritising businesses affected by the crisis to help them get selling digitally in 24 hours. It’s simple and quick to get started we just need your product file. What’s more, our standard ordering app has zero setup or ongoing charges meaning you get can online, protect your flow or orders all with zero risk. We do also offer premium features which will incur a monthly subscription, but you are under no obligation to take any of these.

My telesales staff are having to self-isolate. How can I keep orders coming through?

As above we can get you up and running on our platform within 24 hours. You can then accept orders 24/7.

I’m a foodservice wholesaler and most of my customers have been closed down by the crisis. What can I do to keep my business going?

Many foodservice wholesalers are now looking at ways to sell direct to consumers. They have stock and consumers have the demand. We’ve therefore adapted our app so that it works for a B2C audience. Wholesalers can quickly set up a consumer facing app and consumers can easily download the app, create an account and start ordering for click and collect or even delivery.

We’re a wholesaler who works a lot with cash, but now handling cash is a good way to spread the virus. What can I do to get around this and protect my staff and customers?

Digital payment is simple and quick to set up. We offer a module that enables you to take payment through the app avoiding any need to handle cash.

Our business has been adversely affected and we’re effectively having to shut down until the crisis passes. What can I do to future proof my business?

One thing is for sure, the move to online ordering that has been forced upon us because of Covid-19 is here to stay even once the crisis is over. Businesses need to use this time to get digital services implemented and ready to launch so that they are able to compete. All we need to get you set up is a simple product file. There is zero risk as our standard offer has no implementation charges or ongoing monthly charges. We therefore recommend any business that wants to go digital for when this is all over, uses this time to get their product file in order and get your app live and ready to go.

Your own digital ordering solution in less than 24 hours

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