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Distributing Health & Safety modules and Accident Reporting with mobile devices

Companies are obliged to inform their staff and contractors of relevant health and safety advice and guidance, but this can be time consuming and costly, not to mention difficult to administer and manage. Employers also have to report many types of accidents in the workplace including near misses, but these essential activities can be cumbersome and need to be managed centrally.

RNF Digital has developed a suite of mobile apps which via your mobile devices, help you centrally manage these activities plus a whole lot more such as:

– The distribution of health and safety modules straight to your mobile workforce.

– Capturing near misses and accidents with you phone or tablet.

– Allocation of work activities to your staff.

– Employee time recording.

Our front office / back office solutions enable your internal staff to add amend and distribute documents via a browser in a range of formats, whilst they can be read and  acknowledged via a mobile device of any platform. Similarly, when an accident or near miss occurs, it can be captured instantly with photos, time stamping and GPS, centrally collated and accesible via a centralised secure browser and integrated if necessary, to backend systems to support your reporting obligations (RIDDOR)

Please contact us for more information and to learn more about our scalable pricing to suit companies of all sizes.