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Firestone Tyre Pressure Calculator

Saving time and money through clever use of mobile.


Having the correct tyre pressure is important for everyone but in particular for farmers. The correct pressure gives reduced soil compaction, less wear and tear on their tyres and increased fuel economy.

To get this information out to farmers, Bridgestone had to produce, print and deliver 50,000 copies of an A4 technical data book, adding significant cost to their business, especially as it needed updating regularly with new products. They therefore wanted a way to cut costs and make it more user friendly.


RNF developed a simple and easy to use App that allows farmers to enter all the data into a calculator and get the correct tyre pressure at the touch of a button. It can be easily updated as and when new products are released.

In addition it gives Bridgestone a direct relationship with its customers allowing them to communicate directly to their end users and build loyalty.


App has been downloaded over 75,000 times in 191 countries.

It has completely negated the need for a physical technical data book