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Getting ahead of the competition using Geofences

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Since the successful launch of the Bunker Buoy fuel quotation app two years ago, RNF have been working with the company to give port agents a competitive edge.

Port agents help luxury superyacht crews obtain everything from basic supplies through to hard to come by theatre tickets and everything in between.  Knowing in advance that a particular superyacht is on its way into port would give a particular agent an advantage over the competition.

Using RNF’s bespoke ‘intelligent’ mobile engagement platform Beam, 25 luxury marinas worldwide have been geofenced so that when a superyacht enters the geofence a notification is sent to the crew giving them details of the local port agent and their various services.  In addition, participating port agents are automatically notified that a potential customer is about to arrive meaning they have a chance to get ahead of the game and secure the business.

Neil Miller, Founder and ‘Head Buoy’ of Bunker Buoy, said: “Extending our offer to a wider range of port services than just fuel was the natural progression for Bunker Buoy. The Beam mobile engagement platform has allowed us to not only add an enhanced customer experience for our App users, but also to give port agents a competitive edge. Everyone’s a winner.]

Rob Mannion, Managing Director of RNF Digital Innovation who have developed the Beam platform said: “Geofencing adds an exciting level of customer engagement and our Beam platform is the perfect way to manage this new technology.”