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Consolidating complex information into one relevant place for SMEs


For SMEs the health and safety aspects of the business are often overlooked due to pressures on time and resources. But Health and Safety is of increasing importance and is not something those companies can afford to ignore. The information out there, however, is difficult and time consuming to sieve through in order to find out what is relevant to an individual business.  A solution was needed to help SMEs overcome these obstacles and give Health and Safety the attention it deserves.


In partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, RNF developed a free and simple to use Safety Wizard App. It uses information from the HSE website but through a simple tick box list that the user completes it consolidates all the relevant information to that particular business in one place, meaning users don’t need to work their own way around the vast amount of data available.

Since original launch, RNF have adopted the React Native framework for programming as it enables efficient and cost-effective delivery across multiple platforms. The app is therefore now available on both iOS and Android platforms opening up the solution to many more individuals.


App has been downloaded over 12,500 times in 169 countries.

It got into Apple’s Top 10 downloaded business apps within days of launching.

In a survey of users, 97% believe it improves people’s understanding of Health and Safety.