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iBeacons Explained

What is iBeacon Technology ?
iBeacon is a technology Apple have pioneered that enables low cost transmitters to notify iOS 7 devices of their presence using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Essentially an indoor positioning system, the technology provides an accessible and affordable step change in mobile functionality.

Beacons can also be utilised by users of the Android OS with the Windows mobile platform also expected to follow. The technology not only enables notifications to be sent to mobile users as they move into the vicinity of a beacon, they can provide businesses with detailed analytics relating to how mobile devices are being used in that zone.

In practice this means that someone using an app that has been developed to adapt its behaviour as soon as it detects a beacon, can receive content specific to the area they have moved into.

Beacons in the Enterprise
Retailers are amongst the first sectors trialling beacon technology as they look to offer their customers an enhanced shop floor experience.  Most recently, individuals that had downloaded the NFL Mobile app experienced targeted offers whilst they attended the Super Bowl in the US. Major shop chains and shopping centres are also trialling enhanced apps using beacons, as consumers move into a beacon enabled zone. Users can of course switch the functionality off, but if they opt for the full beacon experience they will benefit from enhanced offers or discounts tailored to their needs, they wouldn’t otherwise see. 

It is not just retailers who will benefit. Enterprises who are already starting to realise significant improvements in business process through the deployment of mobile technology, are set to make even more gains through improved efficiencies and procedural improvements with beacon technology. As mobile workers now move into the vicinity of a beacon, the services relevant to that area are sent to the mobile device, meaning they no longer search for functionality relevant to their task, it comes straight to them depending on their location.

RNF Digital is at the forefront of the beacon revolution and has secured significant government funding to start trialling the technology. We are also working with a number of major retailers and enterprises in this space and will shortly be announcing a pilot with a blue chip grocery store.

To learn more about what iBeacon technology can do for your business, please contact or phone RNF Digital for more information on  +44 (0)1926 676 145

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