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Innovating access to mental health care for young people

One in ten young people aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder and many are unlikely to ask for direct help or approach mental health services. Recognising this issue and following a research project on the emotional well-being of 121 young people in Sandwell, My Time CIC engaged RNF Digital Innovation to develop a pioneering Smart Phone App specifically for young people. The App will be developed in direct consultation with young people.

The App will be interactive, contain short films of young people talking about their experiences and how they overcame difficulties, an emergency location button, a mood metre, valuable telephone numbers and a sleep assistant.  Local authorities, schools, GPs, etc, will access the service via a browser providing them with a valuable insight outlining what services young people are accessing, by age and school.

The App will be available in January 2014