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Keeping orders flowing through Covid-19

Keeping orders flowing through Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has already had a dramatic impact on UK business and there is no doubt more to come. The shutdown and Boris’ specific instruction to “use food delivery services where you can” has meant that demand for online ordering has been turbo-charged.

That’s why RNF is prioritising businesses affected by the crisis to help them get selling digitally in 24 hours via our Beam Commerce Platform. It’s simple and quick to get started we just need your product file. What’s more, our standard ordering app has zero setup or ongoing charges meaning you get can online, protect your orders all with zero risk. We do also offer premium features which will incur a monthly subscription, but you are under no obligation to take any of these.

The other changes we have been making over the past week are to the functionality of our ordering app. This has been in response to some of our customers needing to switch from B2B to B2C as the hospitality ad leisure sectors have been shut down. Beam Commerce is designed for B2B, but with some simple functional changes, such as enabling consumers to create an instant account without the need for credit checks, we have adapted the platform to work for B2C. We have a number of customers who are already seeing the benefits of these changes.

If you’d like to find out more about how digital ordering can keep the orders flowing in for your business give us a call on 01926 298867.