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Latest tyre pressure app for Bridgestone Tyres is launched


RNF is driving forward Bridgestone’s premium quality agricultural tyres after developing a new tyre pressure calculator app aimed at the farming industry.

The Bridgestone Tyre Pressure Calculator app is already proving an invaluable aid to farmers as it helps to inform them how low their tyre pressure could be under specific conditions.

In doing so it helps them to identify the correct pressure to set their new VT-Tractor tyres with benefits including reduced soil compaction, less wear and tear on their tyres and increased fuel economy.

Since its launch in November 2014, the app has been downloaded across 48 different countries including Germany, France, Russia, the US, Guatemala and Slovenia.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, added: “The Bridgestone Tyre Pressure Calculator has enjoyed tremendous user engagement. The numbers of countries in which it’s being used highlights it as a perfect example of an app which supports a business customer base.

“It also showcases RNF Digital’s ability to deliver high end, mobile technology applications to the heart of a business and deliver real, tangible results to help take that business forward.”

You can download the iPhone version here or download the Android version here