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MacDonald Plumbing & Heating Supplies becomes the first wholesaler to profit from RNF Sharp-aX partnership

MacDonald Plumbing & Heating Supplies Limited, a Scottish based merchant, is the first business to takeadvantage of RNF’s partnership with Sharp-aX Computer Systems Limited. The partnership enables seamless integration to RNF’s new Beam Commerce Platform for any wholesaler using the Sharp-aX ERP system.

The Beam Commerce Platform will enable MacDonald to offer 24/7 online ordering via a multi-platform app working across desktops, tablets and mobiles. MacDonald will also have access to the customer engagement platform giving them the ability to send out push notification campaigns to app users and sell advertising space within the app.

For RNF, MacDonald is another important new customer demonstrating once again how the Beam Commerce Platform adds value, in adjacent wholesale markets to the food and drink sector.

Rob Mannion, RNF Managing Director, said: “It’s great to see the Beam Commerce Platform expanding into different wholesale sectors.  The fundamental principles of online ordering and engaging with those customers through push notifications and in-app advertising are exactly the same, no matter which sector you’re in.  The Sharp-aX partnership means anyone using their ERP system can integrate seamlessly with our offering.”

Paul MacDonald, Director from MacDonald Plumbing Supplies, said: “We’ve been looking at how to maximise the digital opportunity for a while, but bespoke app development was out of our reach. The Beam Commerce Platform is the perfect solution for us.  The fact that it is a white-label offering and also integrates with our ERP system meant it was an easy decision to make.  Mobile ordering has become essential for plumbers and heating engineers who are on-site and need to get parts ordered ‘now’ so we’re really excited to see the difference our improved customer service will make to our business.”

Jean Freeman Managing Director from Sharp-aX said: “We’re very excited to be working with RNF and to integrate the Beam Commerce Platform with our ERP software.”

For more information about our Beam Commerce Platform please contact us here.