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Mummy Social joins up with RNF to relaunch support app

Mummy Social the social network that supports women through the rollercoaster of being a mum has partnered with RNF to completely relaunch their app and website.

Mummy Social was founded by Josie Barron in January 2015. Having herself experienced loneliness as a new mum and appreciating how hard it can be to make new friends, Josie set about creating an online solution to the isolation so many mums face. Mummy Social quickly spread around the country and the testimonials started coming in: confidence built, anxieties lowered and in some cases mums were even crediting Mummy Social with having helped ease symptoms of postnatal depression. TV’s Helen Skelton and the Unmumsy Mum Sarah Turner quickly became involved and the brand has gone from strength to strength.

The newly designed app will deliver a much more intuitive and engaging experience for users and will become the central channel for all conversations.  It will be fully integrated with RNF’s mobile customer engagement platform BEAM which will be used to communicate with users and drive up engagement. The website will also be relaunched and will aim to drive as many as possible to download the app. The whole aim is to get more and more women using the peer-to-peer support network to help them through the often difficult time of being a mum.

Josie Barron founder Mummy Social said, “I’m really pleased to be working with RNF. They not only demonstrated a deep understanding of my brand and what I want to achieve, but also have the technical expertise to deliver a premium quality digital solution for my users.”

Rob Mannion, Managing Director RNF said, “Mummy Social is a fantastic brand to be working with. Josie has created something really special that truly helps mums. You only have to read the testimonials to see how important this is and so to be involved in helping to grow the number of mums she can support is really rewarding.”