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New invoicing app set for industry-wide roll out after helping build construction company’s success

A new invoicing app which has helped build business success for a West Midlands construction company is set for an industry-wide roll out.

The Gemini App, developed by Leamington based RNF Digital Innovation for Birmingham construction company Coen Ltd, is already building a reputation for efficiency within the construction sector.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has described the app as “pioneering in the sector” and it has also been lauded by university academics.

The Gemini App was developed in response to Coen’s need for an improved system to manage and verify over 100 invoices a week submitted by contractors and sub-contractors. It has produced a transparent system that enables supervisors and management to track, check and sign-off work at the touch of a button.

An independent study by Warwick University’s Business School found the app produced annual cost savings of £100,000 for Coen, a 250 per cent increase in profitability and a 20 per cent revenue growth for the company.

With the startling results achieved so far, RNF Digital Innovation’s team now plan to release the app for use across a whole range of sectors.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, said “When Warwick University expressed an interest in evaluating the app we jumped at the chance, but we didn’t expect the analysis to reveal such significant cost savings and improvements across Coen’s business as was ultimately the case.”

“Given its flexibility, we are now looking to progress the Gemini app. We will announce later this year some exciting new developments in the next stages of the project.”

Paul Little, Managing Director of Coen Ltd, said: “The Gemini App has helped turn an age old practice on its head. Whereas before Coen was at the behest of the subcontractors simply submitting invoices, the company has re-established control of its costs by defining the parameters and scope of its building contracts.

“Supervisors who access the system can monitor projects and approve any changes to the required work, with strict processes in place to ensure only approved work is conducted, invoiced and subsequently paid.

“Working with RNF, we have been able to derive a radical new process using mobile technology, which circumvents the root causes of the problem from the outset. The benefits and savings of the approach have exceeded our expectations.”

Alongside the accolades from Coen and CITB, the Gemini App has also received plaudits from one of the leading business academics in the UK.

Mark Hart, Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Aston University, said: “Through the improved service it offers its customers, workforce and financial team, the Gemini app has unquestionably boosted Coen’s competitiveness.

“To achieve such significant benefits in what is a very traditional sector is testament to the power and potential of mobile technology. This is an outstanding example of the sort of innovation the UK economy needs to drive it forward.”

RNF Digital Innovation and Coen Ltd are currently working on additional functionality to help manage materials and resource and price contracts.

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