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React Europe 2017

May 18/19 RNF attended React Europe 2017 hosted in Paris, France.

Day one started with a keynote from Andrew Clark presenting an overview of the new React 16 features, notably Fiber – a re-architected React with (in particular) great improvements in performance.

Later Christoph Pojer gave a presentation on the test runner we use at RNF. Jest is becoming a highly polished and professional tool and is critical to our focus on quality.

RNF has recently started using React Navigation so Eric Vicent’s presentation was timely and insightful.

Day two brought interesting discussions about Progressive Web Applications, Nicolas Gallagher’s talk about Twitter Lite was very well done.

We don’t use Relay or GraphQL yet, but Lee Byron is always a joy to listen to. Relay Modern looks like a nice improvement.

Overall the conference was very insightful and we all came away enthusiastic about the future of the React ecosystem and eager to apply our findings to ongoing projects.

Thanks and kudos to React Europe’s organisers. RNF will be back!