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Retailer basket size and spend 18% higher on wholesaler apps versus websites and they are visiting more frequently, says HIM report

According to exclusive research from HIM – a leading shopper insights agency within convenience, wholesale and high street channels – apps are becoming more prevalent across the wholesale channel, with retailers using them more frequently than websites and spending more per transaction.

The recently launched HIM Wholesale Online Report 2019, which saw them work closely with digital experts RNF, indicates that the average order value via a wholesaler app is 18% higher and contains 18% more items than wholesaler websites.

More and more retailers are using online as their main ordering platform, making it an area of huge growth potential. Wholesalers and suppliers need to work together and invest in the right areas in order to maximise the opportunity for their brands and businesses.

The report highlights the most important factors to retailers when placing an order online as value for money, range, availability and ease of ordering. With other headwinds on the horizon for many retailers, they expect ordering through their wholesaler to be efficient and convenient.

Josh Clifton, Commercial Innovation Manager at HIM says, “B2C ordering apps have been around for some time, yet in a B2B capacity they are still relatively new. Growing usage shows the retailers truly recognise the value of wholesaler apps. However, many suppliers and wholesalers remain unaware of the true potential of B2B eCommerce, particularly when executed correctly.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to success and those that are best placed to succeed have tailored their digital strategy by online platform (web vs app) to ensure they cater for retailer trends. What is right for a website is not necessarily right for an app, and this report truly highlights that. Suppliers need to work closely with wholesalers and invest in digital to ensure their brand is gaining maximum exposure and visibility.”

Rob Mannion, Owner and Managing Director at RNF added, “Since we launched the first industry ordering app in 2014, the sector has gone through significant change, with mobile becoming the fastest-growing sales channel in wholesale.

“Technological advances mean mobile apps look better and offer greater functionality than ever before, adding real value for customers and helping wholesalers optimise sales through greater use of personalised, contextually-relevant communications.

“With further developments such as voice-activated ordering and Artificial Intelligence just down the line, it has never been more important for wholesalers and their suppliers to embrace the opportunities presented by digital and effectively put their wholesale depot in their customers’ pockets.”

For more information on the HIM Wholesale Online Report 2019, please click here.