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RNF and Abra launch the industry’s first mobile ‘Black Friday’ event

The idea was first conceived by David Gilroy two years ago as a more cost-effective and agile alternative to traditional ‘in depot’ trade events, but it is only since RNF developed Abra’s sales app that the idea could become reality.

Rob Mannion, managing director of RNF, said: “The idea behind the mobile-only Black Friday event is to drive greater engagement between Abra and its customers, encouraging more customers to download the app and make use of its remote ordering facility while incentivising those who already have the app to make greater use of the technology.

Craig O’Connor, Managing Director at Abra, continued: “We trialled the concept with our virtual trade event last month, which delivered impressive results, including a 443% increase in new daily active app users and the highest ever transactions from the app on a single day.

“For the Black Friday event, we will be using a similar mixture of SMS, push notification and advertising within the app to drive awareness, highlighting special offers across our range and encouraging active participation on the day.

“Brands including Boost Drinks, Grants Whisky, Heinz, Daz, Rizla, Doritos, Snickers and EJ Gallow will be taking part in the event, so it’s well worth customers downloading the app to take advantage of these fantastic ‘one-day-only’ offers.”

David Gilroy, who works with both Abra and RNF, added: “Where virtual events such as this score over traditional trade events is that they take considerably less time to set up than ‘real life’ events, which require significant investment in print and promotional materials, and can be highly targeted for different customer groups. Wholesalers can review the metrics from the event almost immediately, demonstrating clear ROI and providing valuable data that can be instantly used to inform forthcoming campaigns.

“Traditionally, trade events have driven short-term sales but offered little by way of ongoing engagement or step-up buying behaviour. As increasing numbers of customers download and begin using the ordering app, we are seeing significant increases in both ‘virtual depot’ visits and basket sizes, demonstrating that the greater convenience offered by the app, combined with intelligent, personalised and relevant use of the data it provides, results in a win win for both wholesalers and their customers.”