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RNF build website for celebrity trainer Tim Hayes

Celebrity personal trainer Tim Hayes, who has run multiple successful personal training companies and trained stay-at-home mums through to royals and presidential families, has launched a new app and website to help Londoners access the same high-quality personal training available to sports stars and celebrities.

The website, which was developed by RNF – the team behind Anthony Joshua’s BXR London app and website – is designed to provide an overview of the services and drive downloads of the Get Peach app, which allows users to find a trainer in seconds, book sessions to take place when and where they want (home, park or gym) and manage payments.

Tim Hayes, said: “At Get Peach, our mission is to set a new standard in personal training. With entry to the profession starting from just six weeks’ online training, we felt the busy Londoner deserves better than the one-size-fits-all fitness solutions that never truly deliver results.

“Peach connects you to exceptional personal trainers, who are have been hand picked by my team and who are held to impeccably high standards. You wouldn’t expect an athlete to employ an entry-level trainer and I don’t believe the level of education and experience of personal trainers should be any different for the mass market.

“The key principle behind everything we do is movement. Whatever your goal, moving is what you do in a personal training session and everyone – without exception – moves differently. A session can only truly be described as a personal training session when your trainer understands movement on a deep level and how that applies to your individual needs – be that injury rehabilitation, sporting performance or fitness goals.”

The website,, is built using the WordPress Content Management System and features videos of some of the trainers already signed up. It has been designed to give a brief overview of the business but is essentially all about driving downloads of the app that will connect users with appropriate trainers.

Peach will also be taking advantage of RNF’s mobile customer engagement platform BEAM, which enables the app owners to send out personalised, rich push notifications (videos, imagery etc.) to their app users, to drive engagement and increase the effectiveness of communications.

Rob Mannion, managing director at RNF, said: “Tim approached us having seen the work we’d done for BXR London – the premium boxing gym backed by Anthony Joshua in Marylebone. He wanted a quick and simple but premium-looking solution for his website and we were able to give him just that. In addition, Peach is also going to be using our BEAM platform to allow them to engage their audience and ensure the success of the app.”

Tim Hayes, Peach founder said: “We loved what RNF had done for BXR and so felt they were the right partner to develop our website. They then showed us their mobile customer engagement platform BEAM and that really blew us away. We see enormous potential for what we can achieve through it.”

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