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Yo Help! mental health app for young people launched

A new app designed to help young people cope with a variety of mental health issues is available now.

The Yo Help! app has been developed on behalf of My Time CIC, a Birmingham social enterprise that provides evidence-based, culturally sensitive counselling and support services.

Aimed at young people aged between five-16 and available across the UK, the free smartphone app contains a mood meter, sleep assistant, emergency location button and videos featuring young people talking about their own mental health experiences.

The app provides contact numbers and details for support services and a number of ‘real time’ features including the uploading of up-to-date rolling news stories and an opportunity to discuss any issues they might raise for young people.

It’s also a completely confidential service with users only required to enter their age and their school’s postcode. The postcode information provides unique data collection, enabling My Time CIC to identify key trends around issues such cyber bullying specific to individual schools.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, said “We are very pleased to be involved in developing the Yo Help! app.

“The app has a number of innovative features that provide targeted support to young people accessing it, while ensuring that everything is done in a completely confidential way.

“We are particularly proud of the data collection feature that enables the monitoring of trends around key issues such as cyber bullying or relationship breakdowns. It’s a unique feature to an app of this type and will allow schools to identify problems early and engage with their pupils to deal with such issues.”

The Yo Help! app was developed from research conducted by the My Time CIC project on the emotional well-being of young people with Sandwell Borough Council.

The young people surveyed spoke of struggling to identify and connect with older counsellors and medical professionals, as they faced coping with issues including cyberbullying, body image and relationship breakdowns.

By developing an app that can provide support and help in a confidential way, Yo Help! is able to reach out and support young people at the touch of a button.

One in ten young people aged five-16 suffers from a diagnosable mental health disorder and it’s hoped that the Yo Help! app will play its role in helping youngsters across the UK cope with a range of mental health issues.