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RNF Digital Innovation develops another app for the wholesale market

RNF Digital Innovation has developed a new ordering app for North London based Abra Wholesale. The app is available to all Abra customers and will facilitate the placing of orders by scanning products on mobile devices from the comfort of their shops. The app will be constantly updated with new lines, promotions and market information, plus offers several functions for customers to manage their account and orders more effectively.

RNF have been leading the way in mobile app development within the wholesale sector for some years now having developed an award-winning app for Bestway Wholesale. More and more wholesalers are beginning to understand the importance of implementing apps and the impressive benefits they can offer over and above just mobile optimised websites.

A worldwide study by Criteo found that overall conversion rate on an app was 120% higher than on a mobile browser and apps show 2.5 times higher retention rates than mobile websites.  This goes to show that it is no longer enough to just offer a mobile optimised website if wholesalers want to engage with customers and increase loyalty.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said “Apps are becoming an increasingly important part of the overall marketing mix for forward thinking wholesalers. Not only do customers now expect the kind of user-experience only an app can deliver, but the evidence is there to show that apps can also deliver an impressive ROI”.

The bespoke app is available now on Play Store and Apple App Store to download.