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RNF Digital Innovation secure £100,000 TSB grant to develop Health and Safety app

RNF Digital Innovation has secured a £100,000 grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to develop a new health and safety app.

The six-figure sum has been awarded to RNF Digital Innovation from the TSB’s Smart Fund, which exists to help companies with innovative ideas and high growth ambition to deliver their products into the market.

The Proof of Concept grant will assist RNF Digital Innovation in the initial feasibility study, basic prototyping and specialist testing of the new app.

The proposal for the Health and Safety app is to create a cloud-based service based on real time intelligent forms fully compliant with all Health and Safety legislation.

It will be completed by the person responsible for Health and Safety within a company via a hand held device. This will enable businesses to quickly manage their Health and Safety obligations and wherever possible continue to do this in-house.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said: “We are really excited to have secured this funding to develop the Health and Safety app. This app has the capacity to revolutionise the way companies fulfil their health and safety obligations.

“By switching from a conventional form based process to our system the business will improve efficiencies by eliminating hardware, paper handling, improved use of time, new metrics and improving internal communications.

“It will also reduce errors by minimising cycle times, entering data directly, automation of the process and use of up-to-date information by all staff. The cost of our service means that end users could save up to 50% of their Health and Safety spend, a huge saving for any company or organisation.”

James Heydari, Technology Strategy Board’s Smart Programme Manager, said: “Smart awards support SMEs with high growth ambition and potential. Successful applicants need to show that they have a really innovative idea, addressing a real market need and have the ability to deliver their idea to drive economic growth.

“Successful applications will have demonstrated their significantly high potential and quality through the Smart the assessment process.”

RNF Digital Innovation, also revealed that as part of the development process, they are trialling i-beacon technology through the Technology Strategy Board funding . This is currently underway as RNF Digital Innovation work with some of the biggest firms in the UK in developing B2B pilot schemes in this area.

The Technology Strategy Board is sponsored and funded by the Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and is the UK’s innovation agency. Its role is to stimulate innovation, working with businesses and other partners, in order to accelerate economic growth and realise the potential of innovative, forward-thinking businesses. For more information visit