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RNF Digital Innovation seek partners for BEAM platform following £250,000 grant award


RNF Digital Innovation has secured £250,000 of funding to build upon their ground breaking iBeacon management platform.

The six-figure grant was secured from Innovate UK, to develop the BEAM platform, an iBeacon management system which enables businesses to manage the “user experience” as customers interact with sensory devices such as iBeacons through an online dashboard.

The BEAM platform offers a revolution in how companies or organisations connect with their customers.

It means that businesses or brands will be able to manage and direct relevant messages and content such as offers or promotions tailored to individual customers, as soon as those customers come into close contact with individual iBeacons. 

It will be made available to a wide range of sectors including retail, leisure, tourism and local authorities, where it can be used in museums, theme parks, resorts, town centres, libraries, hospitals and municipal buildings.

The £500,000 BEAM development project, which includes £250,000 match funding alongside the Innovate UK grant, will build upon RNF Digital Innovation’s existing iBeacon programmes which has seen them develop indoor navigation systems for Bestway Cash and Carry, one of the UK’s largest cash and carry operations.

RNF Digital Innovation has already signed up with a number of corporate partners, and is seeking further companies in target sectors to work with the BEAM platform, and will be rolling out its first trials within the next few months.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have secured this further funding from Innovate UK and with it we will be able to develop one of the most advanced iBeacon management platforms available.

“Whilst small fleets of beacons are easily managed, the control of large fleets of beacons is a far more complex process and can result in the consumer being bombarded with information of no relevance to them.

“The new BEAM platform will enable businesses to alert individual users to a whole array of offers and information completely relevant to them, their interests and individual purchasing preferences.

“It’s a really exciting new project and we look forward to making more announcements about the project once we have completed the initial trials in the next few months.”