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RNF hits Apple’s WWDC 2016 Days #2/3

Following on from the exciting events from the keynote and the Platforms State of the Union, days 2 and 3 were spent learning all about the the new technical features across Apple’s range of platforms. Of particular interest: the new notification APIs, Siri support and all the new improvements in Cocoa Touch for iOS 10.


Sadly, due to Apple’s Developer License Agreement I’m not at liberty to reveal any of the juicy technical details. Grrrr! Nevertheless, the talks were all highly informative and I’m now very excited about how we can utilise several of the new features to improve both our customers’ as well as our own apps.

Armed with an industrial strength coffee and a bag of salty pretzels (when in Rome!), I dropped into some of the lab sessions to chat with Apple engineers about a technical issue we’d been having with Xcode.  With their assistance I was able to crack the issue and this is going to prove extremely beneficial one of the key projects we’ve been working on.

I also managed to track down a fellow React Native app developer. It turns out RNF is not the only super-enthusiastic adopter of React Native; but neither are we alone in the challenges and problems we’ve faced with this young technology. It’s been great to hear about other people’s positive experiences and I’m hoping to also catch up with some Facebook engineers at some point. Turns out there’s not much point talking to Apple engineers about this!

Days 4 and 5 are also comprised of additional technical talks and lab sessions so more learning ahead!