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RNF launches Beam Commerce Platform for wholesalers

RNF – the award-winning team behind over 25 apps for retail and foodservice wholesalers, including the Bestway app – has created a new digital platform to help wholesalers of all sizes optimise sales through a suite of eCommerce tools.

The Beam Commerce Platform provides a one-stop-shop for all wholesalers’ digital marketing needs, bringing together RNF’s white-label ordering app; its unique content-management and customer-engagement platform; and a new, wholesale-specific eCommerce system.

Rob Mannion, managing director at RNF, said: “Beam Commerce is a game changer for the wholesale industry, democratising digital marketing and bringing enterprise-grade technology within the reach of every retail and foodservice wholesaler in the country.

“The platform has been designed specifically with wholesale in mind and combines a suite of digital tools to help customers maximise sales. As well as providing branded apps that synchronise across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, Beam Commerce allows wholesalers to add eCommerce capability to existing websites with a single click. It also gives wholesalers the tools they need to communicate more effectively with customers, delivering messages and promotions in a personalised, relevant way to increase sales and open up new revenue streams.

“We’ve also drawn on our experience working in the sector to develop separate versions for retail and foodservice wholesalers, reflecting the specific needs of different end customers.”

Traditionally, enterprise-grade digital marketing tools such as those available through the Beam Commerce Platform have required big budgets to deliver, making them essentially the sole domain of the big wholesale groups. However, technological advances mean RNF is now able to deliver these services more quickly and efficiently, adding desktop functionality to its mobile offer for the first time and extending the eCommerce benefits to a wider range of customers.

Rob continued: “Using the Beam Commerce platform is like putting your cash and carry into your customers’ pockets, allowing wholesalers to drive day-to-day and incremental sales.

“As things stand, we expect to be able to deliver the whole Beam Commerce package to new customers within 10 days of sign up, with a longer-term goal to reduce that to as little as 20 minutes.

“While it’s effectively a one-stop-shop for wholesaler’s eCommerce needs, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution: Customers will be able to tailor the services to meet their own specific requirements and we will be adding a rich road map of new functionality on a quarterly basis.

“As the only growth channel in the wholesale sector, making the most of opportunities in digital is now essential for every wholesaler. We’re excited to be able to bring the benefits of the technology to a wider customer base through Beam Commerce.”

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