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RNF Lights up Calor Gas Ltd’ Domestic Sales Force

Calor App 6

RNF Digital Innovation is lighting up Calor Gas Ltd’s domestic salesforce with a new app designed to make interaction with customers paperless and more efficient.

The new enterprise app has been developed by the Leamington-based firm to integrate with Calor’s Domestic Central Heading (DCH) tool – the sales force’s solution for capturing information and producing central heating quotations when out meeting customers.

While the DCH tool is a well-established mechanism for Calor’s sales force, its laptop based functionality made it difficult for sales staff to use when moving round the interiors of buildings taking measurements and notes.

It often resulted in sales staff choosing to either to retain measurements and notes in memory or to capture measurements on paper, with data being entered onto the laptop later in the process.

With the new enterprise app the sales team are able to enter data straight onto the system as they move around a location with a customer, resulting in a timesaving, more efficient and paperless system.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation’s Managing Director, said: “We are excited to have developed an enterprise app for Calor – the first app of its type within their business.

“Our enterprise apps are designed to provide efficient mobile technology applications to the heart of a company’s operations and in doing so deliver tangible, effective results for the business.

“The new enterprise app for Calor will do exactly that and we look forward to it delivering similar outcomes to other blue-chip apps we have delivered for large corporate clients such as Bestway and Bridgestone Tyres.”

Alastair Lovell, National Sales Manager for Calor, said “We feel this is a big step forward for Calor and helps fulfil our ambition to improve all customer experiences. With this app we are able to capture the customer signature electronically and send a copy of all paperwork by email on the day of completion. Our Sales team and customers have been really positive about the new experience.”

The Calor enterprise app is the latest addition to RNF Digital Innovation’s portfolio of blue-chip corporate apps.