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RNF – part of a super-growth network of British businesses

RNF Digital Innovation is proud and privileged to be a member of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme.

Fully-funded for successful applicants by the Goldman Sachs Foundation, the programme is run out of Aston, Leeds and Manchester Universities, as well as University College London and the Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

It provides high-quality, structured and practically-focussed support to small business leaders who are seeking to aggressively grow their businesses. Participants learn alongside other ambitious small business owners and with the support of Aston Business School and a range of experienced practitioners from the business community.

At the end of the programme, participants join an active and enthusiastic 10,000 Small Businesses national alumni network consisting of hundreds of the UK’s most exciting small businesses.

Here at RNF, we have been members of the programme since 2012 and were one of the 20 companies taken on in June 2013 to be part of an extension of the original programme.

In July and October 2013, some of our staff joined 19 other super-growth companies from the programme for two separate three-day sessions at SBS for world-class training in a number of different business areas including finance, negotiation, persuasion and media training.

RNF’s managing director and founder, Rob Mannion, said: “We originally found out about this programme through an email which I received from the Federation of Small Businesses. It was a genuine privilege to be chosen. The judges saw us as a high-growth company in a sector which is becoming increasingly relevant. In January of this year, we got significant investment as a result of being on the original programme.”

“Like everything, however, you get out what you put in and we have actively participated in networking events and worked on getting ourselves into the media to make people aware of us.”

The final part of the programme comes in December 2013 when RNF will be going to Oxford to present our business plan to a ‘virtual board’ of potential investors, senior executives and seasoned entrepreneurs. Rob said: “It is a major achievement for RNF Digital Innovation to be part of this programme. You have to be really committed to growing your business and we are, but we still want to be the kind of company which is in a supportive partnership with our customers, being flexible enough to be responsive to their needs.”

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