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RNF – providing 21st-century answers to business problems

RNF Digital Innovation is using pioneering mobile solutions to help businesses solve problems caused by traditional, costly and inefficient processes.

With our cutting-edge mobile solutions, we can help companies significantly increase their return on investment by delivering major improvements in efficiency, eliminating errors and giving managers instant insight into how their business is progressing.

An excellent example is an invoice-reconciliation solution which we have delivered in conjunction with a fellow Goldman Sachs 10k business, Coen Ltd.

Coen is a fast-growing UK-based construction company with over 250 sub-contractors. In 2012, it was receiving on average over 100 invoices a week for work conducted by its mobile workforce. Managing and verifying those invoices quickly became highly labour-intensive. Staff were soon spending several days a week processing and checking invoices, uploading them into the company’s accounts package and making payments several days later.

The process was prone to errors and difficult to track against budgeted work so Coen’s managing director, Paul Little, contacted RNF and “Project Gemini” was born – a pioneering web-based app designed to support the invoicing process and Coen’s mobile and geographically-positioned workforce. It worked so well that when Warwick University conducted a study on the impact of the app in July 2013, the academics concluded that it had resulted in a 250 per cent increase in profitability for Coen, delivered £100,000 in cost savings per annum and produced an expected annual increase in revenue of 20 per cent.

Paul said: “We instinctively knew that our old process was unreliable and inefficient in several respects. Working with RNF, we were able to derive a radical new process. The benefits and savings have exceeded our expectations.’

Rob Mannion, founder and managing director of RNF, said: “Delivering mobile technology into businesses in this way is our objective. Historically, apps have been aimed at the consumer end of the market, or at helping businesses to build brand-awareness. Our technology can realise major benefits by being deployed at the heart of a process.”

“We have been working in this space for nearly three years and are one of a handful of app companies that are focussed on the enterprise app side of the market. Until recently it was only business leaders and innovators who were willing to experiment with mobile solutions, but what we are seeing now is a sharp increase in interest from many businesses across all sectors.”

“I believe this technology will have a far more profound effect on business than even the internet; already, usage across a cross-section of websites which we support is up 500 per cent year-on-year and it’s only going to grow.”

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