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RNF shortlisted for Retail and eCommerce Innovator of the Year

In recognition of the innovative work RNF have been doing with their wholesale partners over the past year, we have been shortlisted at the 2018 Techies Awards, which take place on 22nd February in London.

In their third year, the Techies are dedicated to recognising all that is great about the UK technology sector and awards go to companies that can demonstrate entrepreneurship, innovation and disruption in the UK technology sector.

RNF have been shortlisted for ‘Retail and eCommerce Innovator of the Year’ which will be awarded to the company that has created something new and exciting within the retail sector.

Our award entry was based around the work that we have undertaken through our mobile customer engagement platform BEAM. The platform has 3 main functions.

Firstly it allows wholesalers to deliver engaging digital content to their app users based on their profile, behaviour and location. Essentially you can target the “demographic of one”. Campaigns can be made up of a mix of SMS, simple push notifications (text) and rich push notifications (jpegs, video etc.), and for those wholesalers that have Beacons installed in their depots they can be triggered based on where the user is standing. Once messages have been sent, live results are immediately pulled into the platform showing send, open and action rates.

Secondly BEAM enables wholesalers to manage product placement within their app. For example, there are a number of places within the ordering apps, such as banners and interstitial ads, which can be used to advertise specific products. In addition, there are then a number of categories that can be used to highlight products and drives sales such as ‘new products’, ‘related products’, ‘featured products’ and ‘trending products’.

The third part of BEAM is probably its most powerful. This brings together data from app sales and campaigns to give marketers the important and actionable insights they need to create ever more successful campaigns.

We were able to demonstrate some impressive results for industry firsts such as in-app virtual trade days, in-app Black Friday events as well as partnerships with leading suppliers such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Rob Mannion, RNF Managing Director said “I’m really proud to see all the hard work and investment we’ve made into our BEAM platform being recognised at this level. The results we’ve achieved from campaigns run through the platform are incredible and it’s clear that the judges simply could not ignore us.”