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RNF to Deliver Mobile Innovation into High-End London Boxing Gym BXR


RNF Digital Innovation is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with newly formed high-end London boxing gym brand BXR.

BXR is collaboration with Rob Piela, the mastermind behind New York’s cult gym, Gotham in New York.  BXR London, will be launching in the heart of Marylebone in early 2017.

RNF will be developing a website ( and an app for the brand to support membership.  The app will act as a member’s entry card, allow them to book classes and appointments with trainers and therapists and even pay for food and drink whilst at the gym.  In addition it will sell BXR sportswear and provide valuable member analytics allowing BXR to manage its customer relationships more effectively.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said: “This is a really exciting project to be involved in as it once again allows RNF to showcase their expertise in cutting edge app and web development.”

BXR Founders said “We were really impressed with RNF’s capabilities and were especially interested in the technology they use to develop their apps and the quality of the end product, which for us, with our exclusive target audience, was absolutely key.”