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RNF’s Beam campaign management tool used for Bestway’s Great Rebate initiative


Following a hugely successful campaign in 2015, Bestway Wholesale has announced that it is re-introducing The Great Rebate, an initiative offering category guides and advice for independent retailers to help drive sales.

 Retailers are sent a series of easy to digest monthly category guides, to give them the information they need to compete with the multiples and ensure they get a fair share of the growing convenience market.  It encourages retailers to stock the right range of products and offers a rebate on all the best sellers.

Using RNF’s campaign management platform Beam for the second year running, Bestway Wholesale can push targeted messages out to customers to drive them into the depot and then once there, using Beacon technology, they can deliver relevant offers and information to individual retailers when they are next to appropriate products. This not only acts as a prompt to retailers to purchase specific products, it also reminds them of the overall promotion at a relevant time when they’re in buying mode.

The Beam platform manages these messages, which are delivered through the Bestway Wholesale ordering app that RNF also built. To ensure the best ROI, rules are set as to how often an individual will receive the messaging and also specific offers are only targeted at relevant customer groups.

Bestway Wholesale Head of Marketing Salih Sheikh said, “RNF’s Beam platform enables us to dramatically increase the relevance and effectiveness of our offer messaging. We can tailor offers to relevant customer segments, decide when and how often those offers should be live all whilst gaining invaluable insight into our customers’ shopping habits.”

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said “The Beam platform helps companies transform mobile into their most effective channel by delivering personalised and highly relevant messaging in the right place at the right time.”