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Mobile ROI

The Return On Investment associated to the deployment of a mobile solution into business can often be compelling, but it is also often underestimated as the benefits to the organisation can transcend the original budget holder or department. RNF has gained considerable experience in this area and often works closely with its customers to hep build the internal case for the initial mobile adoption to a workforce.

We have direct experience of deploying apps to support corporate sales-forces, large scale invoicing, customer support, barcode scanning, deal brokerage and many other areas of our customers businesses, with the impact often resulting in major efficiences, effectiveness of a given process, improvements in error reduction and unprecedented business intelligence,

Customer satisfaction

stock-photo-19550260-man-using-smartphone-and-digital-tabletBy ensuring your staff have up to the minute realtime data accessible via their mobile devices, you can keep your customers informed of what they want to know, as and when they need it meaning your customer service is a step ahead of your competition. Whether you want to showcase your offerings on a tablet, conduct complex competitive analysis, or obtain that crucial signature or order, RNF can develop and deploy a solution that works for you.

Paperless solutions

mobileappsBy transferring your processes onto mobile devices the first casualty is often paper. Many traditional paper based processes lend themselves extremely well to being “mobilised” due to the efficiencies that can be realised simply by entering data straight into your mobile device, saving time if you have to re-enter it when back in the office. If you have a process that is paper based, or typically conducted away from the office and in the field, talk to RNF to learn how a mobile solution may save you time, money and reams of paper.

Management Insight

mobile-management-and-securityOrganisations can only make decisions based on available data. RNF Digital can work with you to develop mobile solutions that generate unprecedented and realtime data that can transform your business. Our solutions connect mobile workers, generate and centralise reports across geographies and ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Operational Efficiencies

stock-illustration-10378658-the-right-strategyThe initial development cost of a new piece of software can often also be a barrier to entry. RNF is able to offer flexible commercial terms which amongst other things means we can share this initial upfront cost. This means that our customers need only concern themselves with a simple monthly payment. Please contact us for more information.

Mobile Strategy

icloudDefining your mobile strategy will yield huge advantages and cost savings for your business. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world are still struggling to come to terms with deploying mobile technology in an effective and co-ordinated manner. Whether you are an SME or Corporate, RNF can help you through this fast moving environment.

Integrated IT Systems

imagesIt is common for your staff to be capturing data using one method, and then having to return to the office and re-enter that data in for a second time to a new system. Mobile solutions can often remove this second step by ensuring the data is captured once, then simply sent or integrated to your back end services.