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Android version of Health and Safety Wizard now available thanks to React Native


Following the massive success of the free-to-download Safety Wizard iPhone app that, only days after its release, entered at in at number 9 in the chart for the most downloaded UK business apps for Apple iOS devices, RNF have now been able to release it on Android.  Similarly a web based version is coming soon using the same code base all due to the game-changing framework that is Facebook’s React Native.

RNF are one of the first app developers in the UK to adopt the React Native development technology and see it as a complete game-changer.  It offers up a number of benefits to both developer and client, not least significant efficiencies meaning vastly reduced development timeframes and therefore cost.  And whilst efficiencies often mean that compromises are being made in terms of app responsiveness or user experience this framework leads to zero compromise.

In fact RNF have found that the functional approach also results in software that is substantially easier to reason about than objective-oriented software. So the resulting software has proven virtually bug-free, as it has, for the first time, been possible to achieve 100% code-coverage in tests.

The biggest benefit of React Native however is that it allows you to use the same code across a number of platforms delivering native-grade apps in a fraction of the time it would have historically taken.  This innovation has meant it is finally possible to cost-effectively develop native apps cross-platform and hence the long awaited launch of the app on Android.  In addition, we’re currently using the same code to get the content onto a mobile optimised website meaning anyone, no matter what device they have, will be able to access this fantastic tool.

The app, drawn directly from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Toolbox, offers SMEs a solution to help navigate a vast array of health and safety information all at the touch of a button. Given time pressures on SMEs it used to be an area that was often overlooked as the information was just too time-consuming to find. The app gives the user access to straightforward advice on the most common health and safety hazards and shows how SMEs can take practical steps to control the risks in their workplace. There is advice on working environments and on the most common causes of accidents with helpful dos and don’ts. There are also sections on the most common hazards such as electricity, gas, manual handling and harmful substances as well as simple risk assessment tools.

Rob Mannion, RNF Digital Innovation Managing Director, said: “The first app was a fantastic success with 97% of users believing it helped people within their business better understand health and safety issues. We’ve since had numerous calls begging us to launch on Android. As the app was free-of-charge this just hasn’t been possible to date. However, because of Facebook’s game-changing React Native framework we have been able to open up this valuable tool to many more SMEs to ensure they meet their health & safety requirements.”

The Safety Wizard is available now as a free download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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