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Saving lives by making data easy to access



With up to 12 people being killed on roads each year through detaching wheels due to incorrect torque, Bridgestone had long ago recognised the need for a safety solution. They had a manual detailing the correct torque for their different tyres but users did not find it particularly user-friendly and so weren’t always consulting it.  They therefore turned to RNF Digital Innovation who they had been working with for a number of years on mobile app development.

There was one clear objective. Create an easy-to-use tool that provides the individual Original Equipment Manufacturers’ wheel nut torque recommendations for commercial vehicle operators.


RNF developed a complex but user-friendly App based on Bridgestone’s 10 years of data gathering from vehicle manufacturers across the UK.  Instead of leafing through pages of a manual for information the app makes the process as simple as possible and is freely available for everyone.


The app was downloaded over 800 times in the first week of being launched.

Whilst it is impossible to say how many lives it is saving, it has won a Bridgestone Europe, Middle East and Africa award for Outstanding Corporate Citizenship in recognition of the role it is and will play in making our roads safer.