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Superyacht fuel quotation service available on all platforms


A new web based version of the Bunker Buoy superyacht fuel purchasing app has been launched, making the app now available across all platforms.

The new web version of the Bunker Buoy incorporates all of the features of the existing offerings but can now be used on desktop computers or any online mobile device.

The result is the Bunker Buoy fuel quotation service is now available as an iPhone app, a web app and as an enterprise version which integrates into existing yacht management software.

Users can now register their yachts to the service and then make fuel enquiries to multiple suppliers – all of whom respond independently allowing users to agree to the best quote.

Neil Miller, Founder and ‘Head Buoy’ of Bunker Buoy, said: “Bunker Buoy now works across all platforms of technology with the latest browser version.

“We are the only yacht fuel comparison and order site in the world to do so. This means that where ever you are in the world and you require fuel, we are there for you.”

Rob Mannion, Managing Director of RNF Digital Innovation who helped develop the app, said: “This latest launch ensures anyone can now access the service irrespective of which mobile device they use.

“We have received many enquiries over the last 12 months from people who wanted a standalone web version and we are delighted it has now been launched.”

The Bunker Buoy app aims to make fuel purchasing more efficient and economical for captains and yacht managers, while providing superyacht owners with detailed cost benefit analysis of all fuel purchases.