Beam Commerce Brochure App

We have developed a brochure app for those customers who aren’t ready to offer online ordering but do want to engage with their customers and save money on expensive print. Our brochure app means you can provide your customers with all the information they need about your range of products and update this as often as you like with no extra cost.

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Engage with your users via push notifications. Sell advertising space to your suppliers.

The brochure app

  • Works across desktop, Web App, Tablet & Smartphone.
  • Unlimited SKU’s
  • Product Lists
  • Product Details
  • Showcase NPD
  • Update content as often as you like

  • Powerful customer engagement with targeted push and rich (video/image based) push notifications
  • Generate incremental revenue streams through in-app advertising
  • Low entry-cost and risk-free financial model
  • Save thousands on brochure print costs

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