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Why customer experience is everything

Why Customer Experience is Everything

With reports claiming that 73% of B2B buyers are now digital natives (those who have lived their whole lives with the Internet, computers and mobile devices) and an Accenture report stating that 90% of B2B execs believe customer experience is critical to achieving their strategic priorities, customer experience is more important than ever.

Yet according to the same Accenture report, only 20% of B2B companies excel at customer experience (CX), typically generating 2X the return on their CX investments than other B2B organisations. And yet, this is still way behind B2C companies. Which is an issue, given that these digital natives see no delineation between their consumer habits and their expectations for the B2B world. They are all impacted by what is described as the “Amazon Effect” – the very best online purchasing customer experience – and now expect this in the B2B world.

That’s why we have been developing our Beam Commerce Platform with the customer in mind. Everything we do is based on delivering the best possible customer experience and there are a few key areas which we’ve been focussing on.

1. User Experience (UX)

Digital natives expect their apps and websites to be fast, slick and responsive. They don’t have the patience to be waiting for pages to load or for the interface to be clumsy. The Beam Commerce app is designed with all this in mind. It’s fast and responsive and delivers a superior customer experience.

2. Omni-channel experience

B2B buyers are used to a true omni-channel experience. They want to be able to switch from mobile to desktop seamlessly without having to re-enter information or have to go back to complete a purchase on the device they started it on. In fact, according to an article by Whistl 41% of all online purchases start on one device and finish on another, and 84% of smartphone users use their phone whilst in a store. That’s why the Beam Commerce app works across platforms and therefore if a user starts an order on their phone but then wants to finish it on a desktop, or vice-versa, they can.

3. Personalisation

The “Amazon Effect” has also meant the B2B buyers expect personalisation. They don’t want to be treated as just a faceless customer. They want to use platforms that learn from their behaviour and deliver relevant content. The Beam Commerce platform enables all that. It uses machine learning and algorithms to serve relevant content (products and advertising) based on a user’s previous behaviour. It also knows the optimum time to communicate with them, when they are most likely to be in purchasing mode.

4. Engagement

Digital natives are used to being communicated with via their mobile devices and now expect this in the B2B world. Push notification campaigns have far higher response rates than email and are an incredibly important channel that can drive up sales and average basket values. Ultimately, they drive customer loyalty and make a huge difference to the bottom line.

Ignore Customer Experience and you are likely to face the consequences. In a recent B2B Commerce study* 54% of c-level execs said their companies had lost a customer due to the poor quality of the commerce experience. If you don’t deliver the right experience, then one of your competitors will.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Beam Commerce Platform could support your business growth then please get in touch here.

* B2B Commerce Study