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Yacht Buoy App launched at Monaco Yacht Show

RNF Digital Innovation in partnership with Bunker Buoy have just launched a new app at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The app called Yacht Buoy is designed as a surveying platform for yacht enthusiasts and crew members to gain valuable insight into the industry for suppliers.  Participants will be rewarded with prizes and benefits for completing surveys and can also track nautical miles just for fun.

The app was launched at the Monaco Yacht Show to all previous Bunker Buoy app users using RNF’s customer engagement platform BEAM.  A series of geo-based push notifications were used which allows Bunker Buoy to communicate with its app users in real-time based on their geographical location i.e. only those people at the show received the messages.

image2-1The messaging was based around raising awareness of the importance of Health and Safety in the marine world, by encouraging users to join relevant seminars being held at the show. Invitations to seminars specific to different crew members were only sent to the relevant audience using BEAM’s ability to personalise comms. Neil Miller, Founder and ‘Head Buoy’ of Bunker Buoy, said “The new app is a great asset for the industry and at Monaco we got to see just how powerful apps can be at engaging audiences when used with the right customer engagement platform.”

Rob Mannion, Managing Director RNF Digital Innovation said “Our customer engagement platform BEAM is really enabling clients to talk to their app users on an individual basis.  And by using what we believe is the first example of geo-push notifications, it takes this personalisation to a different level.”